Sunday, 09 April 2006

As you might already have seen, Genome's public support newsgroup (news:// contains answers to lots of questions and issues posted by our users. But what about those little tips, tricks, hints and personal opinions of the Genome team members?

We have opened this blog so we have a channel for posting valuable and useful information which doesn't quite fit in with our product descriptions and documentation.

We're going to use this blog to share our personal Genome experiences with you for several reasons. For one, we know that not all of Genome's capabilities are immediately apparent to all users. As the insiders, we can give you pointers that can save you a lot of development time and will help you get the knack of developing with Genome. If you're already an advanced user, this is the place to gain an even deeper knowledge.

This blog will also be a space for our developers to air their thoughts, plans and ideas about Genome, so check it regularly to see what's cooking.

Posted by Elina

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