Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Microsoft has released .NET Framework 3.5. service pack 1 beta. For all Genome users: be aware that this package rather quietly also contains an SP2 beta for the .NET 2.0 Framework, which cannot be deployed alone. There is not too much information available on its exact contents (see http://readcommit.blogspot.com/2008/05/microsoft-net-framework-20-service-pack.html).

Be warned that it is possible that a Genome schema compiled with the SP beta may not load on a machine without the SP beta (which is usual for production servers), yielding the following error:

SerializationException: The object with ID 40221 implements the IObjectReference interface for which all dependencies cannot be resolved. The likely cause is two instances of IObjectReference that have a mutual dependency on each other.]

We are sorry about any inconvenience caused. This issue may occur with Genome V3.3.4.38 and we are currently investigating if others are affected. We are providing feedback on this issue to Microsoft and hope that it will be resolved with the release - in the meantime, please make sure that deployment packages are generated on a machine that does not have SP1 beta installed!

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