Wednesday, 09 January 2008

If you are using Visual Studio 2008 for a project, but are still using an old TFS and an old build server (which is quite likely at the moment), you should prepare for at least some inconveniences.

For example, I tried to create a team build definition for my VS2008 project, but could not find a straightforward way to do it. In VS2008 team explorer, there is no longer a menu item for that where it used to be. It has probably just been moved, because there is a Build/New Build Definition menu item in the main menu instead, but it is gray (disabled). Of course, without any explanation...

I came across an unofficial compatibility matrix where I found the answer: it is not supported :/.
Other, official statements are probably available too, but this matrix might help you if you have a specific problem.

For my particular problem, the following notes in the article were interesting:
Note #4 A VS2008 client will not be able to create a new build definition on a TFS2005 server. Workaround: You could branch an existing build type in $/<TeamProject>/TeamBuildTypes/<name>
Note #5 When starting a build, a VS2008 client will not be able to change any parameters in the dialog for a TFS2005 Server.
Note #6 A Team Build 2005 server does not understand a VS2008 Solution File. Workaround: Changing the version number inside the SLN to Version 9.0. You will also need to copy the MSBuild directory V8.0 directory to V9.0. This could be done dynamically with a MSBuild task.

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